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In order to function and perform to the best of our abilities, nutrition plays a vital role in our overall well-being. I don’t believe in or work with temporary fads and the newest crash diets. Instead, I believe in being well-informed and giving you the tools you need to understand nutrition better so that you can make better and more educated decisions about your health and goals.

• Shopping list
• Snack ideas
• Nutrition advice based on your individual food tracking and food habits prior to start
• Breakdown of energy consumption on specific days
• Example of a day’s eating
• Eating in different situations
• Follow-ups, progress tracking and more…

Nutrition advice will be received 5-7 days after payment and initial questionnaire is completed. Follow-up will be done at the halfway check-in. Note: each plan is individually made and will take time to write and fit to each clients’ needs, turn around time will not exceed 10 business days.

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